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Nigerian Dwarf goat

Located in Leander, Texas

We are a family owned and operated ranch located on 25 acres in Leander, TX.  We raise both ADGA/AGS registered and pet quality Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Our registered goats are bred for improved milk production and come from excellent milk lines. All others are bred for beautiful, flashy colors, blue eyes and moonspots. 

Nigerian Dwarf goat herd

Our Herd

Raised in a natural environment, our herd is healthy and strong.  Access to pasture and wooded forage makes our herd hardy and parasite resistant.  Babies are dam raised for the best start in life but also handled daily.  Tested free of CAE, Johnes, and QFever.   

Pet Nigerian Dwarf baby goat

Reserve Your Baby Today

With over 30 goats, we have kids being born year around.  But they go QUICKLY.  Contact us today to reserve your baby or get added to our waiting list.  Send us your name, contact information, and specifically what you are looking for.  All kids are polled or disbudded, given CDT and coccidia prevention, and all males can be wethered. 

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Drop us a line to ask any questions or get added to our waiting list.

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